About Jarie

About Jarie

Powered by a steady dose of locally-crafted espresso, I love nothing more than to figure out how to explain complex things in clear and compelling ways. My goal is to help build a more ethical, inclusive, and resilient world by educating and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs -- be they 18 or 80.

Long Bio

Writing is one thing that I not only love to do but also helps me make sense of the world. My most recent book is Story-Driven Outreach, which helps folks 2x or more their cold email effectiveness. The book before that was The Entrepreneurs Ethos: How to build a more ethical, inclusive, and resilient world. That book is my commitment to inspiring and educating the next generation of entrepreneurs, which I continue on my on podcast, The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast.

Currently, I'm Head of Market Strategy for Decision Counsel in Berkeley, CA. Prior to that, I was Partner at JSY PR & Marketing, a full service PR, Marketing, and Strategic Communications firm.

Prior to JSY PR & Marketing, I was the co-founder and COO of Lab Sensor Solutions, a digital health company that is applying sensor technology to track the temperature and location of clinical samples to prevent spoilage.

Prior to founding Lab Sensor Solutions, I was at Ion Torrent — a 3rd generation DNA sequencing company that was bought by Life Technologies for $750 Million dollars. Ion Torrent was the first company to productize semiconductor sequencing technology to achieve the $1,000 genome.

Before Ion Torrent, I was founder and VP of R&D for Tagent —  an innovative RFID company that created a breakthrough technology that integrated antennas on silicon to achieve small, compact form factors.

Prior to forming Tagent, I was at Cypress Semiconductor where I was the technical project manager for WirelessUSB — a pioneering new wireless standard that made going wireless as simple as wired USB.

Along with my professional achievements, I'm active in my local community. While living in NOPA, I was a board member of the North Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPNA) where I served as Recording Secretary, Vice President, and President. During my board service, I was instrumental in the renaissance of Divisadero corridor, improving parks, keeping formula retail out, and improving safety.

Of particular note was my leadership in making the Bay to Breakers foot race fun for everyone. That effort led to the establishment of the District 5 Neighborhood Action Committee (D5NAC) which continues to help make the race fun, clean, and safe for everyone, including residents. I was also a volunteer and advisor for the Board of Supervisors President London Breed’s election campaign and was appointed by her to the Municipal Transportation Agency Citizens' Advisory Council in 2017 till 2019.

Currently, I'm a commissioner for the San Francisco Public Library, appointed by Mayor London Breed in January of 2022.

I hold an MBA in Technology Management from UOP and a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University. I am listed as an inventor on over 10 patents and have published seven books — Story-Driven Outreach, The Entrepreneur Ethos,  Frustration Free Technical Management, #ENDURANCE tweet — A Little Nudge to Keep You Going, 7 PR secrets All Founders Should Know, 8 Startup Dilemmas All Founders Will Face, and Business Basics for Entrepreneurs.

You can listen to his thoughts on Entrepreneurship by listening to The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast and follow him on Twitter @thedailymba.

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